Welcome to Dayton Pilots’ Club

We are a modern progressive flying club dedicated to the purposes of safe flying, the advancement of general aviation, and to providing economical and reliable aircraft for the use of its members.

In existence since 1958, we have a well-maintained, IFR equipped aircraft based at Dayton Wright Brothers (KMGY). Our highly competitive rates are easy on the wallet, and the fixed monthly costs associated with the Club are minimal. And our membership has a passion – just like you – for flying.

Not a pilot? Not a problem! DPC instructors are available for student pilots as well as advanced training. DPC actively promotes aviation safety, offering regular safety meetings and seminars.

Interested? Go to our “Flying with Us” page or call 937-204-4400 to talk with our Membership Officer.


Upcoming Dayton Pilot’s Club Meetings

All meetings at Aviation Sales at Wright Brothers Airport unless otherwise noted:

June 15, 7 PM: Cook-out

July 20, 7 PM: Safety Meeting: Angle of Attack

August 12, 6-10 PM: Runway Fest 2016

August 17: 9TX’s Autopilot